Lab News

►Congratulations to Adriana Cushnie for being awarded a predoctoral fellowship slot on a T32 training grant!

►Congratulations to Austin Werner on hist successful UROP proposal, "Oxytocin Receptors Density within the Prefrontal Cortex  of Social and Asocial Felids."

►The Minnesota Symposium on Addiction Neuroscience will be held September 12. Catch Megan Monko, Adriana Cushnie, Mark Grier, and Maya Wang presenting posters on their work from the lab.

►Congratulations to Megan Monko on passing her oral preliminary exam! She is officially a Master of the Posteromedial Cortex!

►Catch Mark Grier's poster at the 7th Minnesota Neuromodulation Symposium, "Diffusion MRI at 10.5T in nonhuman primates."

►Sarah has co-authored a NeuroView piece in Neuron with Matt Chafee entitled "Learning how neurons fail inside networks: Nonhuman primates provide critical data for psychiatry."

►Congratulations to lab collaborator Maya Wang on winning the Beatrice Z. Milne and Theodore Brandenburg Award for her thesis research!

►Congratulations to Pooja Kandikonda on her successful UROP proposal entitled "Anatomical connectivity between the posteromedial cortex and the striatum"

►We are pleased to be funded by an R01 from NIMH (118257-01) entitled "Revealing functional networks and circuits of the posteromedial cortex with anatomical connectivity."

►We are pleased to be funded by a Pilot Grant from the Medical Discovery team on Addiction, in collaboration with the Hayden lab! This award will support Adriana Cushnie and Maya Wang's work on viral tract-tracing.

►Congratulations to Mark Grier for being awarded a postdoctoral fellowship slot on a T32 training grant!

►The lab is growing! Welcome to Mark Grier (Postdoc), Adriana Cushnie (Neuroscience Graduate Student), Megan Monko (Neuroscience Graduate Student), and Olivia Drake (LSSURP student).

►We are pleased to be funded by an Academic Health Center Seed Grant! This award will support Jessica Burkhart's comparative neuroanatomy work.

►We are pleased to be funded by a NARSAD Young Investigator Award to Sarah Heilbronner from the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.

►Tanya Casta has joined the lab as a Researcher 3/Lab Manager. We are happy to have her (and her histology background) on board!

►Sarah Heilbronner will co-chair and present as part of the Society for Neuroscience Minisymposium on Functional Diversity of Prefrontal Cortical Regions and Networks. Washington DC, Nov 14. More info here:

►Catch Sarah Heilbronner's talk representing UMN Neuroscience at the Midwest Regional Neuroscience Conference (Midbrains), Nov 4 2017 at University of St. Thomas. More info here:

►The Heilbronner Lab officially launches November 1, 2017! Many thanks to our three undergraduate researchers--Amanda Hassan, Amera Hassan, and Tenzin Sonam--who have been helping to launch a new lab.